Low Wind Turbine Start Up Wind Speed – What’s The Point?

Lately a few wind turbine manufactures & resellers have been advertising the benifits of low wind start up speeds…but what’s the point?  

Surely the energy produced at such low winds speeds is hardly worth talking about….or even letting the turbine rotate/turn in such low wind is debatable against turbine wear and tear.

Look at what others say on the subject….

“ ….It really doesn’t much matter if the start-up is 6 mph. There is just not any meaningful power at low speeds…”  

 “Start-up Speed – The speed when the rotor starts to turn. This number is not relevant to power production “ 

 ” Cut-in Speed – The speed when the turbine starts to produce power. The only problem with a low cut-in speed is that there is really no power in low winds. There is no reason to be excited if a turbine is featured to have a low cut-in speed”  - say powertalk.net  

Look at the graph below, taken from Danish Wind even Betz’s law dosn’t rate low wind production and power- Why should you!?

Interestingly Proven used to quote a cut in wind speed of 2.5 m/s…but after MCS testing, now quote 3.5 m/s* for the start up wind speed of their 35-2 wind turbine.

* Cut in – lowest wind bin at which postive power is achieved as per MCS/IEC standards.

Fact: All the current 5kw and over MCS certified wind turbines, have a verified start up/cut-in wind speed of 3m/s and over.  

Seems that certain turbine manufactures and their re-sellers are now jumping on the same band wagon….singing the praises of a non MCS certified low start up wind speed, and power production power from very low wind speeds.


Forget the hype over low wind speed power production! ….until MCS actually verify the turbine manufactures power output & start up/cut-in wind speeds. After all it’s your annual energy prodcution that you get paid ROC’s/FIT revenue on – which wind turbines like the Gaia 133 & Endurance E3120 are untouchable in their respective class. 

Why you you even consider installing a wind turbine, if the wind speed was so low in the first place, it does not make sense.

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